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Water Filtration System

Total Series

Water Filtration System

The Total Series Water Filtration System is custom designed and built to your water test results. It's multi-bed filtration process is designed to filter out chlorine, sediment, hardness, taste, and odor of the water in just a single pass through the system. The Total Series Water Filtration System provides better than bottled water at every faucet!

The Total Series Water Filtration System monitors how many gallons have flowed through and regenrates itself using salt or potassium to clean and re-energize itself only when needed. This durable system will produce long-lasting benefits that will change the way you use your water. Experiece a new lifestyle with the Total Series Water Filtration System and remove all those unwanted contaminates from your water.

Download the brochure:

Total Series Brochure
  Total Series Brochure

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